(CANADA - Illegal Records/ Ten Pound Sound/ Jungle Xpeditions/ X-13 Recordings/ Second Room Sound/ Sweet Sensi Records/ Cause And Effect/ Satta Sounds/ Labelless Records)
    At the forefront of the Canadian Ragga-Jungle scene; not only a dub-droppin' selecta and an A-rate Jungle producer, SIXTEENARMEDJACK is the sole founder of Illegal Records (Canada).
    He first started releasing his tracks back in 2003, with 15 solid vinyl releases, there’s no slowing him down. 16AJ will continue to unite sound crews, making sure Jungle will never die! It would take a bullet to stop him from taking Ragga by storm, and the rest we'll save for the DUB FI DUB!!!

  • - PASTAMAN -

    (UK - Satta Sounds/ Tuff Cut/ The Wize Guys/ Erisian Records/ Deep In The Jungle/ Future Tone Records/ Unjustified Records)

    Pastaman started mixing way back in '04: Inspired by the positivity and sounds of the East Anglian free-party scene, a passion was born and has been cultivated for the past 10 years.
    Playing in clubs, warehouses and fields up and down the UK, a path deep in the heart of Jungle music has been taken.
    Start of '06, Pastaman realsied more potential in his talents & started producing Jungle and Ragga - pure Jungle.
    One year later - the concept of Satta Sounds was born, which has now grown to be an international record label. 2012 Pastaman set up a sub label from Satta, called 'Tuff Cut Records'. More vinyl releases on the way, this is one artist to watch out for bringing his own unique Ragga Jungle Sound.

  • - NICK-ED -

    (UK - Satta Sounds/ Tuff Cut/ Unjustified Records)

    Nick-Ed is the Co-founder of Satta Sounds & Tuff Cut. He Started DJ’ing back in 2002 frequently playing at free-parties getting a serious name for playing some of the most ruthless Jungle sets in East Anglia.
    With his first record release on Tuff Cut Records in 2014 and more slammers on the way. This is one artist to watch out for!

  • - BOSSLADY -

    (UK - Satta Sounds)

    Bosslady is one of the biggest female Ragga-Jungle DJ’s in the underground UK, representing London free parties on a regular basis.
    She first started getting noticed for her notorious scatty junglistic sound, which has now got her playing at events and festivals all round UK, and Europe.
    A very unique style for producing Jungle. Definately 100% Boss when it comes down to playing out, big things for this RudeGal.

  • - DUB-LINER-<
    (UK - Satta Sounds/ Jungle Cat Recordings/ Dub Pride Records/ Lickshot Recordings)
    Dubliner started playing out in 2008. With his first release with Dubpride Recordings everyone knew this artist was going to make a heavy impact on the Jungle scene.
    In 2012 He set up the record label Jungle Cat Recordings which has currently had 3 Vinyl releases.
    If you ever get a chance to watch this artist play out, then don’t miss it. Expect heavy Ragga in an oldschool style!

  • - VOCODA -
    (UK - Satta Sounds/ Tuff Cut Records/ Brains Kan/ Amen-tal/ Unjustified Records/ Labelless)

    Vocoda had his first release on the Brains Kan record label in 2009. Being only 17 years old when signed to this label and such tight production we knew this guy was going places.
    He is now one of the most renowned Jungle artist’s with a reputation for killin’ it on the oldschool 94/95 Jungle styles. Vocoda always smashes the dancefloor at clubs, festivals and raves across the UK.
    We look forward to his future with Satta and Tuff Cut Records.

  • - DR...UM -
    (UK - Amen-tal/ Satta Sounds/ Off Me Nut Records)

    Founder of the Record Label and Sound System, Amen-tal. Dr...Um brings a unique style of Drumfunk and Breakcore with a heavy influence of Ragga Jungle. Amen-tal was set up in 2004 throwing small underground raves and Jungle event’s in and around the Norwich area.
    He’s been busy with the new E.P just released collaborating with L3ft Luca5 “The Prohibition E.P”. This Artist is always going to be a leader in this style a master of original sound!
    Always fresh, always mean..!

    (CANADA) - Satta Sounds/ Illegal Records/ Unjustified Records)

    This original bad man hailing from Ontario, Canada has been on the Jungle scene as a DJ since '99. About ten years later he started producing some heavyweight Jungle Riddims in a true Canadian Hard - Jungle Style.
    Representing for Illegal Records label, it wasn’t long before Satta heard what this manr had to offer. He was snapped up, releasing one of his deadliest tracks on the Limited Edition 2 x 12” Satta Record.
    Recently he’s been producing new-school and gangster Jungle albums. A lot more on it’s way from this.

  • - MK ULTRA -
    (UK - Satta Sounds/ 3D/ Wayward Sounds/ The Wize Guys)

    MK ULTRA has grown a big reputation in the UK underground for his style of '93 Hardcore/ Jungle Techno, never disappointing with records from the 90’s that you’ve probablly never heard. Being the only Jungle-Techno DJ for Satta Sounds, he’s always sure to bring wicked vibes to the dance. Representing for The Wize Guys!

  • - JESTER -
    Jester has already made a massive impact to the crew. Droppin’ a heavy selection of Jungle records he’s sure to please the crowd either with his collection or homemade Jungle. He has up and coming new raw material on the way and a lyrical Genius, watch out for this notorious EmCee!
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    • - MKQX -
      (UK - Satta Sounds)

      Mkqx is one of the earliest members of the Satta Crew, playing more harder underground genres, he’s a badman when it comes to slammin’, rollin' Hard-tek & Tribe Riddims.
      Also Satta Sounds main graphics designer, nearly all the logos and designs stem from him.

    • -

      (UK - Satta Sounds/ Bitchin’ Beatz)

      Original female Junglette from Norwich, she is always remembered for her good vibes and RudeGal Jungle collection. Scraggamuffin always brings positive vibes when playing her sets, expect some heavy tunes and a wicked hype for the crowd.
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    • - LITTLE JOY - (UK)

    • - Lukie D - (UK - Satta Sounds)

      Original Satta Crew, Lukie D had his first vinyl release on Satta’s 2010 release – SS001. Brought up on Oldschool Hardcore and Piano House, he always brings a good selection of peaking records when playing out.
      He’s taken a break from producing for the last year, fueling himself for the next attack!